The Drive

It was the 31st when she went out for new year shopping. And that’s when something happened that changed her life forever….
A small story tking you to a drive down the country side, where something unexpected happens.

Crimes against women- What are we missing on ?

“With internet easily available , all that you are doing is some way responsible for what is happening to the innocent girl in my neighbourhood.”…. A small attempt to address a much bigger problem of modern times. A lot of efforts are being made but conditions aren’t improving . So are we neglecting an important aspect ? Read to find out.

Positivity- What ? Why ? How ?

Journey of a river used to answer questions like What exactly it means to stay positive and how can it be practiced in real life .


यूँ कर्म करता जा हे पार्थ है शान्ति बस शमशान में
This poetry in Hindi takes you to the times of the greatest war ever fought- The Mahabharata. Lord Krishna, the charioteer is urging Arjuna, the warrior to follow his Dharma.

The Injured Warrior

And there was complete silence..

A short story taking you to a day in a warrior’s life. What happens when Tiger Sierra fights his inner self ? Find it out and let me know your thoughts .

Band Of Brothers

It goes way beyond from the world…

A small piece of poetry exploring the in depth bonds shared by the men in uniform while they undergo rigorous training , preparing for the ultimate test- war.


Gently,he put his hand on her forehead …
A short story redefining the peaks of beauty and love. Read to get a glimpse of beauty beyond perfection and discover yourself how mesmerising she is.

Why just a smile ?

The Pandora’s box,that the mankind has been opening ever since it has existed-we find tears to be the best way to calm us down …
This article is an attempt to undeline the imprtance of smiles.. no..Laughters in our daily lives.